Mel Pikos – Construction Manager

Introducing Mel Pikos – The Director of Construction Management

At TACTIC, we’re proud to have Mel Pikos on our team as our construction manager and builder. With over $300 million in construction work delivered and an open builder’s license from Queensland (which is known to be one of the toughest states in Australia to obtain this license), Mel has proven his expertise and skills in the industry.

As a fourth-generation builder, Mel has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the trade. He has built a range of projects, from high-end apartments and homes to commercial office fitouts, and has a reputation for delivering quality work.

We believe in the importance of attention to detail and a commitment to quality, and Mel embodies these values. We know that every project we deliver with Mel at the helm will be executed with precision and care, and that’s why we’re proud to have him as a part of our team.

But he’s not just a one-trick pony, Mel is also well-known for his fun-loving personality, as he was a top 10 finalist in the “Most Ordinary Rig” competition for budgie smugglers in Australia. Watch the video below to see his audition!


Mel Pikos



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