Allison Dotta – Head Of Design

Allison is the mind behind the most talked about commercial spaces in Brisbane, being the innovative Senior Interior Designer responsible for 100 Creek and 545 Queen Street. Her fitouts have not only ignited the commercial market in Brisbane but also continue to redefine the creative direction in this space.

With over 15 years of experience in delivering bespoke office environments, Allison has established herself as a leader in her field. Her impressive portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing her creativity, innovation, and outstanding quality of work. It is no surprise that Allison’s talents are highly sought after, making her the only credible candidate for TACTIC and our discerning clientele.

At TACTIC, we have always strived to provide the best for our clients, and we are thrilled to announce Allison’s induction into our team as Head of Design. With Allison’s expertise and vision leading our design efforts, we are confident that we will continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

The FOMO Office Philosophy

The office has changed.

The pandemic-driven revolution has brought about a significant change in the way we view and use office spaces. Evolving staff lifestyles and work/life balance demands are challenging the traditional utility, use, and value of the office. This has led to a growing chasm between lifestyle and productivity, calling into question the office’s value in the modern era.

Our FOMO office philosophy bridges the gap between modern work-life balance demands and productivity through considered design. We tailor our impactful approach to address identified staff-centric demands with creative design and intuitive utility. Our overarching intent is to create dynamic destinations that prioritise interaction and experiences over inflexible single-use spaces, which have been the traditional office norm. Ultimately, our spatial outcomes are designed to motivate attendance by fostering meaningful engagement, interaction, and cooperation through the environment.

This is our philosophy, and we have perfected our craft. 

Watch Allison’s story below.



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