The Future of Brisbane: 9 Game-changing Projects That Will Transform The City

Brisbane is making a play to be Australia’s top city. High-profile events like the 2032 Olympic Games will elevate the city to rival Sydney and Melbourne and to support this growth, the city is undertaking a number of game-changing projects that will transform Brisbane and improve the lives of its residents. In our Talking Tactics video below we take a look at nine major projects in various stages of construction and development approval that will shape the future of Brisbane. If you prefer to read, continue scrolling!

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Queen’s Wharf

Excitement is building as the countdown to the grand opening of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane draws closer. With a staged opening set to commence in late 2023, this new public greenspace is poised to become a popular destination for residents and tourists alike.

Over 2300 square metres of lush southeast Queensland-grown turf has been laid along the river’s edge, just adjacent to the Bicentennial Bikeway, as part of the newly created public greenspace, transformed from a construction site to a riverside park destination perfect for lunch breaks and outdoor activities.

As for the actual building, the first to open will be the Star Grand, featuring new hotels, gaming areas, restaurants and bars, and the Neville Bonner Bridge. Then, of course, there will be the iconic Skydeck, offering breathtaking views of the city.

This project is expected to bring an additional 1.4 million tourists to Brisbane annually. Mark your calendars. Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is set to become the ultimate destination in the city for entertainment, dining and relaxation.

The New Performing Arts Complex

The curtain is about to rise on a magnificent new addition to the Brisbane performing arts scene. The Queensland Government has made a significant investment in a new state-of-the-art theatre set to be completed by 2024. This project aims to meet the growing demand for arts and culture in Brisbane and to further support the thriving arts and cultural sector in the city.

Located on the Playhouse Green site near the existing QPAC venue, the new theatre boasts a capacity of 1500 guests, ready to transform the arts and cultural sector in Australia. The unique design of the new theatre is nothing short of awe-inspiring, with its iconic rippled glass facade, transparent foyer spaces, single balcony auditorium, additional studio spaces and significant First Nations artwork.

The construction of this exceptional new venue, at a cost of $175 million, will provide visitors with five exceptional performance spaces and has the potential to bring in an extra 300,000 guests annually to experience an additional 260 shows.

So, mark your calendars and grab your tickets for the next production of Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as the countdown to the grand opening of the Performing Arts Complex begins!

The Brisbane Metro

Brisbane is set to experience a revolutionary change in the way we travel within the city with the estimated completion of the Brisbane Metro in late 2024. This cutting-edge transportation system will feature all-electric vehicles, servicing 18 stations on dedicated buses, connecting key suburbs from Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street and from UQ to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital. The Brisbane Metro is poised to transform our daily commutes by reducing congestion in the CBD and offering turn-up-and-go services that make it easier to travel.

But it doesn’t stop there, in late 2022, it was announced that Coorparoo would also be part of the network and a study is currently underway to assess the viability of expanding the project to the Capalaba Business District.

Personally, We’d like to see a loop that wraps around the city, connecting Woolloongabba to Morningside, Bulimba, and out to Northshore Hamilton, and back towards Newstead. It’s an exciting vision for the future and one that could soon become a reality.

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

With an estimated completion date of late 2024, Kangaroo Point Green Bridge is a visionary infrastructure project poised to transform the way we experience the city and Brisbane River. The bridge will link Kangaroo Point to the CBD and Botanical Gardens with an elegant single-mast cable stay that has been carefully crafted to complement the city skyline and minimize visual impact. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge promotes further densification of the suburb that borders the Golden Triangle – Brisbane’s hub for finance, legal, and accounting. But the bridge doesn’t stop at mere connectivity. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with two new dining experiences including an above-water restaurant and bar and a new riverside cafe at the city landing plaza.

The Cross River Rail

Estimated completion in early 2025, the Cross River Rail is often confused with the Brisbane Metro project. whilst they do overlap in some areas to maximize efficiencies in our transport system, they are two completely separate projects. The Cross River Rail is set to provide a much-needed second river crossing for the rail network, to alleviate pressure for rail lines on the south side of Brisbane and ease congestion on the busiest train crossing in Australia.

As a result, Woolloongabba will finally receive its own train station, with convenient access to the CBD only one stop away. This will open up vast areas of land that were previously occupied by car dealerships and industrial lots, ripe for redevelopment. Additionally, the Albert Street train station will become the first new station in the CBD in over 120 years, stimulating new development activity on the southern end of the city, along with the Queen’s Wharf development.

Waterfront Brisbane

Waterfront Brisbane has a staged completion estimated in 2027. Waterfront Brisbane is a highly anticipated development that will change the face of the city’s finance hub. The Eagle Street Pier site will be redeveloped to offer a new high-end shopping and dining experience, and two commercial office towers will be built. The first tower is estimated to be completed by 2027, and several top companies such as Deloitte, Minter Ellison, and Gadens Lawyers have already made commitments. The two towers will offer 120,000 square meters of office space and a revitalised retail offering, along with substantial improvements to the riverwalk and one hectare of public space. This development will significantly change the way residents experience the Brisbane riverside. Final approvals for the project are still pending.

Brisbane Live Arena

Earliest Anticipated Completion in 2027. Brisbane is potentially getting an entertainment experience like no other. Plans are currently in motion to create a new 18,000-seat entertainment arena complex, modelled after LA Live, arguably one of the best live entertainment venues in the world. This cutting-edge complex is a likely candidate to host the swimming events for the 2032 Olympic Games. Currently, the intended site is located directly above the railyards at Roma Street Station, which will become the city’s new Grand Central Station upon the completion of Cross River Rail. However, due to budget constraints associated with construction above the railway, there is a possibility that the site may be relocated to the current location of the Queensland Police headquarters, which would stimulate the relocation of the police headquarters. Although the earliest projected completion for this project is 2027, this is subject to change. Nonetheless, I am eager to witness the greatest live performances from around the world, right in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

The Gabba Redevelopment

Earliest potential completion 2029 onwards. Brisbane’s beloved Gabba Stadium or Brisbane Cricket Ground in Woolloongabba is set to change. Plans are currently in motion for a major redevelopment of the existing stadium, tearing it down and completely rebuilding it and increasing capacity from 42,000 to approximately 50,000 seats. The upgrade also includes a brand new pedestrian plaza linking the stadium to the Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro projects which are currently under construction. This new and improved stadium would not only host the opening and closing ceremonies but would also be the first time the Olympics primary venue would be so close to a major CBD being just two kilometres away. The existing stadium is already well utilized for AFL cricket and other live performance events.

I personally think that the proposed stadium upgrade is too small. Instead of tearing down the 42,000-seat stadium to build a 50,000-seat stadium, I’d much prefer if we kept the existing stadium and built a new 70 to 80,000 seat stadium above the new Woolloongabba train station just next door. This would allow the AFL and cricket to continue to be played uninterrupted in the lead-up to the Olympics, as well as provide a magnificent new mega stadium.

Queensland won a staggering 13 gold medals of the total 17 won by Australians in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Melbourne likes to call itself the sporting capital of Australia, but the athletes are choosing to live in southeast Queensland because of our fantastic weather. A two-stadium complex in Woolloongabba would further propel Queensland as Australia’s sporting powerhouse and provide an opportunity to compete for other major sporting events beyond the Olympics with an unrivalled public transport system to support it.

The Third Airport Terminal

Brisbane International Airport is set to undergo a major transformation with the construction of its third terminal, slated to begin as early as 2029. With forecasts projecting a doubling of passenger traffic to 50 million annually by 2040, this new terminal will be situated between the airport’s two runways, minimizing aircraft taxiing and providing convenient access to the current domestic terminal.

This exciting development follows the recent completion of the second runway, which has significantly increased the capacity of Brisbane Airport, placing it to rival major hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong.


As the city gears up for this transformation, the decade leading up to the Olympics and the decade following will see Brisbane rise to prominence on the global stage. However, there are differing opinions on the future of the city. While some are excited about the potential for growth and improvement, others question whether these projects will have the intended effect. The proposal to build a new stadium above the Gabba train station has sparked a debate on whether the city is overreaching or simply reaching for greatness.

Regardless of differing opinions, one thing is for sure: Brisbane is on the brink of a major transformation that has the potential to change the face of the city and improve the lives of its residents and visitors alike. So, buckle up Brisbane, it’s time for takeoff!


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