Paul Weightman’s Interview: Investing in Hospitality Businesses, Cromwell Property and Stara Capital & Advisory

In this blog post, we explore the journey of Paul Weightman, a seasoned real estate professional who has navigated the industry’s dynamic landscape from his time at Cromwell to his latest venture, Stara Real Estate Capital and Advisory. As the vision for Cromwell’s future diverged, Whiteman saw an opportunity to create a modern investment platform that leverages lessons learned from his past experiences. Stara’s focus on the hospitality industry highlights a highly fragmented market with unique challenges and opportunities, particularly as private operators adapt to behavioural changes and the shortcomings of traditional landlord-tenant models.

Through the Venue Hospitality Fund, Stara aims to align owner and operator interests by fostering value generation, transparency, and control. Southeast Queensland, with its growing population, infrastructure development, and the 2032 Olympics on the horizon, presents a promising investment landscape for Stara. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Stara’s investment strategy, the assets and operating platform of the Venue Hospitality Fund, and the factors driving growth in Queensland.

Join us as we unpack the key takeaways and important information surrounding Stara’s modern investment platform, the opportunities within the hospitality industry, the Venue Hospitality Fund’s unique approach, and the bright future of investing in Queensland.

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Summary: Key Takeaways

Stara’s modern investment platform

Stara Real Estate Capital and Advisory, founded by industry veteran Paul Weightman, presents a modern investment platform that incorporates valuable lessons from his time at Cromwell. By focusing on a clean slate approach and embracing innovative strategies, Stara is poised to capitalise on emerging trends and opportunities in the real estate market, offering investors a forward-thinking, adaptive, and results-driven platform.

Opportunities in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry offers a wealth of opportunities for investment, particularly in the current climate. With a highly fragmented market and private operators facing unique challenges, Stara seeks to capitalise on the resulting gaps and take advantage of the behavioural changes brought about by evolving consumer preferences. This focus enables Stara to create a niche for itself while generating value for its investors.

The Venue Hospitality Fund’s unique approach

The Venue Hospitality Fund, a key component of Stara’s strategy, is designed with value generation in mind. By aligning the interests of owners and operators, the fund mitigates downside risk and fosters a collaborative environment. This approach, coupled with the fund’s focus on transparency and control, ensures that investments are managed effectively and with a keen eye for long-term growth and stability.

Investing in Queensland’s bright future

Queensland, particularly Southeast Queensland, presents a compelling investment opportunity given its population growth, regionalisation, and ongoing infrastructure development. The upcoming 2032 Olympics only add to the region’s potential, making it an attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike. Stara’s commitment to investing in this vibrant region highlights its dedication to uncovering and capitalising on promising growth opportunities for the benefit of its investors.


In summary, our interview with Paul Weightman sheds light on his journey from Cromwell to founding Stara Real Estate Capital and Advisory, and the company’s strategic focus on the hospitality industry. The discussion emphasises the importance of adapting to market changes and utilising innovative approaches to create value for investors. By exploring the Venue Hospitality Fund’s unique approach and the promising investment opportunities in Queensland, we provide valuable insights into Stara’s commitment to delivering outstanding results for its clients. Overall, the conversation offers a comprehensive understanding of Stara’s vision, goals, and the driving forces behind its success in the ever-evolving real estate market.


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