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In this episode of Tactic Spaces, we take on the challenge of transforming a base-building space into a modern and inviting office with a speculative fitout ready for any tenant to move in. This provided the perfect opportunity for a young interior designer, Kayla, to follow her passion and showcase her design skills.

Watch the video of the office transformation here.

About the project

The space initially required some serious work, as it was in a vacant condition with a carpet and ceiling grid, and the team had to make it attractive for potential tenants. Dan, a Tactic Spaces team member, emphasised the importance of not polarizing tenants by going overboard with design but striking the right balance to attract the ideal clientele. The team also introduced a new addition, Tony, an experienced site supervisor, who would be working closely with his nephew and son on this project.

At the onset of the project, the space posed significant challenges due to its vacant state, complete with only a carpet and ceiling grid. The Tactic Spaces team had the task of transforming it into an appealing and functional space that would catch the attention of potential tenants. 

Dan, one of the team members, emphasised the importance of creating a design that would strike a delicate balance—stylish and contemporary without alienating potential clients through overly bold or polarizing design choices.

To begin the transformation, the team devised a strategic plan to optimise the space, focusing on elements like natural light, layout, and flow. They considered factors such as the types of businesses that would be interested in the space and the desired working environment for their employees. This information was crucial in guiding the design process, ensuring that the final product would be an attractive and functional workspace for a diverse range of potential tenants.

One of the key aspects of striking this balance was to create a neutral base that allowed for customisation according to the specific needs and preferences of the eventual tenant. The team selected versatile materials and colour schemes, ensuring that the space could easily be adapted to accommodate various industries and working styles. The goal was to provide a canvas that would inspire potential tenants to envision their own unique office environment within the space.

In addition to the design considerations, the project marked the introduction of a new team member, Tony, an experienced site supervisor. Tony brought invaluable expertise to the project, and as a family affair, he would be working closely with his nephew and son. This family connection added an extra layer of commitment and passion to the project, as the team members were not only driven by professional standards but also by the desire to support and learn from each other.

Kayla’s Vision

Kayla, originally a contracts administrator at Tactic Spaces, seized the opportunity to showcase her interior design talents in this project. She took inspiration from a unique chair she found online and a stunning kitchen design she discovered on Pinterest. Her vision aimed to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space tailored to the speculative tenant’s needs. The final design encompassed various elements to meet different requirements and promote a productive work environment.

Quiet Room

The quiet room was designed to provide employees with a peaceful space where they could retreat for focused work or take a break from the bustling office environment. Kayla chose calming colours, comfortable seating, and sound-absorbing materials to create an oasis of tranquillity.

Casual Meeting Area

The casual meeting area was designed to foster informal discussions and idea exchanges among colleagues. Kayla incorporated creative seating options, to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.


For more formal meetings, Kayla designed a sophisticated boardroom with a large table, comfortable seating, and advanced audiovisual equipment. The room’s décor reflected professionalism and elegance, ensuring an appropriate setting for important discussions and decision-making.

Custom Feature Screen

To add a unique touch and enhance the office’s visual appeal, Kayla designed a custom feature screen. This eye-catching element was placed strategically to separate different areas of the office while maintaining a sense of openness and cohesion. The screen also served as an artistic centrepiece that embodied the company’s creative spirit.

Open-Plan Kitchen

Inspired by the Pinterest kitchen design, Kayla created an open-plan kitchen that served as a central hub for employees to socialise and collaborate. The kitchen featured modern appliances, ample storage, and a large island with seating options.

Executive Office

Kayla designed a stylish and functional executive office that catered to the needs of high-level management. The office featured a spacious desk, ergonomic seating, and ample storage solutions.

Open-Plan Workspace

Finally, Kayla created an open-plan workspace that encouraged collaboration and communication among employees. She carefully selected ergonomic furniture, adjustable workstations, and proper lighting to promote productivity and well-being. The workspace layout was designed to optimise traffic flow and facilitate teamwork, making it the backbone of the office’s daily operations.

Kayla’s comprehensive vision brought together various elements that catered to the diverse needs of the tenancy. Her thoughtful approach and attention to detail resulted in a harmonious and efficient workspace that elevated the company’s work environment.

Overcoming Challenges

As with any design project, the team encountered challenges along the way. Let’s delve deeper into the issues they faced and the solutions they implemented to overcome them.

Incorrect Carpet Tile Patterns

The first issue arose when the carpet tiles arrived with an incorrect pattern. The chosen design was integral to Kayla’s vision, as it set the tone for the entire workspace. The mistake occurred due to the construction team testing a small number of tiles which didn’t show the importance of having them herringbone, so they laid them normally.

To resolve this issue, Kayla contacted the construction team immediately and communicated the importance of the correct pattern for the project. Despite the setback, Kayla’s proactive approach helped minimise delays and get the project back on track.

Lighting Concerns

The second challenge pertained to the lighting design. The initial plan included recessed lighting for the open-plan workspace and feature lighting for the meeting area and executive office. However, upon installation, the team noticed that the overall lighting was insufficient, creating dim areas and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Kayla, recognising the importance of proper lighting in creating a comfortable and productive workspace, collaborated with the electrical team to reassess the lighting plan. They decided to add more recessed lights in the open-plan workspace and adjust the feature lighting to achieve the desired brightness levels. Additionally, they incorporated dimmable controls, allowing occupants to adjust the lighting to their preferences. By quickly identifying and addressing the issue, Kayla ensured that the lighting design met both functional and aesthetic requirements.

A Successful Transformation

As the project came to an end, Kayla’s design came to life, reflecting her vision and the client’s expectations. The modern and welcoming space featured a unique round window in the kitchen, a custom screen with pot plants, high-quality furniture, and well-thought-out colour schemes and prints. The end result was a functional and inviting office, ready for any business to move in and make their own.

Leasing Opportunities

371 MacArthur Avenue now stands as a prime leasing opportunity for businesses seeking a contemporary and inspiring office environment.

For leasing enquiries please contact office@tactic.au or call Lee at 0490 553 094.



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