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In this episode of TACTIC SPACES, we built two brand-new spec fitouts at 200 Creek Street in Brisbane’s CBD. Follow along as we take you through the process, from initial design concepts to the final results.

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The Initial Plan

The plan was to build a spec fitout on Levels 7 and 8, to attract tenants to the spaces. What is a spec fitout? A spec fitout, short for speculative fitout, is a pre-designed and constructed office space built on the assumption of potential tenants’ requirements. Landlords typically undertake spec fitouts to reduce the time it takes for new tenants to move in, ultimately saving businesses time and money. Similar to a display home, a spec fitout aims to create a “wow” factor, attracting a diverse range of tenants. Designers must consider flexibility, anticipating possible changes like adding more offices or workstations and incorporating eye-catching features that cater to a variety of potential occupants. In short, a spec fitout allows businesses to view the completed space, choose it, lease it, and move in almost immediately, streamlining the whole process.

Level 7

On Level 7 of the 200 Creek Street project, the design focused on creating a versatile and functional workspace. The open working area was the primary feature, with multiple desks arranged to foster a collaborative atmosphere. As visitors entered through the foyer, they encountered a long desk that added to the available working space.

The design also incorporated a couple of boardrooms, providing formal settings for meetings and presentations. Additionally, quiet meeting rooms were integrated into the layout, ensuring that occupants had access to private spaces for focused discussions or work.
One of the standout design elements on Level 7 was the use of colour blocking, which added a sense of vibrancy and visual appeal to the space. This design choice not only created a modern and stylish look but also contributed to the overall “wow” factor that was crucial for attracting potential tenants to a spec fitout.

Finally, the exposed breakout zone combined an industrial aesthetic with a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, catering to the contemporary preferences of many businesses. Overall, the design on Level 7 provided a dynamic and adaptable workspace that appealed to a wide range of potential tenants.

Level 8

Level 8 of the 200 Creek Street project boasted a unique and captivating design that seamlessly combined aesthetics and functionality. One of the most striking features was the timber archway that greeted visitors upon entering the space. This feature served as a focal point and set a creative atmosphere when entering the office.

The open work area on Level 8 was designed with flexibility in mind, offering ample space for customisation based on tenant requirements. Additional offices or workstations could be added easily to suit various occupant needs.

The kitchen and breakout zone on Level 8 provided a comfortable and inviting space for employees to relax and socialise during breaks. The use of goat hair carpet added a touch of luxury and enhanced the overall ambience of the area.

In addition to these features, Level 8 incorporated glass blocks in the design, which served as a visually appealing and innovative element that tied the space together. The glass blocks were used in combination with beanbags in the breakout area, creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

The colour scheme on Level 8 included a combination of white and other complementary shades, which added to the sophisticated yet modern look of the space. The design also featured painted columns and expertly crafted joinery, demonstrating the attention to detail that was invested in the project.

Overall, the design on Level 8 presented a versatile and stylish workspace that catered to a broad range of potential tenants, showcasing the best in modern office design trends.

The Construction Process

Construction kicked off with pre-construction planning, followed by the installation of electrical wiring, wall frames, and ceilings. One of the main challenges during this phase was staying on schedule, as delivery delays threatened to push back the project’s completion date. However, with careful planning and a dedicated team, the project remained on track.

Site setup and preparation

Before the actual construction began, the site was set up, and the necessary documentation was prepared. This included establishing a site office, gathering permits, and ensuring that safety measures were in place.

Framing and rough-in work

The construction team began by installing the wall frames to outline the various spaces within the office, such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, and open work areas. During this phase, electrical and plumbing rough-in work was also carried out, ensuring that all the necessary wiring and pipes were in place before the walls and ceilings were closed off.

Installation of ceilings

Once the wall frames were in place and the rough-in work was complete, the construction team moved on to install the ceilings. This involved putting up the ceiling panels and incorporating any design features such as bulkheads or recessed lighting.

Glazing and painting

With the ceilings in place, the team began to install glazing for the glass partitions and doors. At the same time, the painting work commenced, applying the chosen colour scheme to the walls and any feature columns or elements.

Flooring installation

During this phase, the chosen flooring materials, such as tiles and carpet, were laid throughout the office space. This process required careful planning and coordination, as different areas might require specific types of flooring.

Kitchen and joinery installation

The kitchen and any custom joinery, such as storage cabinets or feature elements, were installed during this stage. This included assembling and fitting the kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and appliances, as well as installing any built-in storage or display units throughout the office.

Final electrical and plumbing work

With the majority of the construction work complete, the team could now focus on finishing the electrical and plumbing installations. This included installing light fixtures, power outlets, and any necessary plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and taps.

Furniture and workstation installation

In the final stage of construction, the furniture and workstations were assembled and installed within the office space. This included desks, chairs, and any other furnishings that would be part of the completed office.

The Challenges

Time pressure and tight deadlines: Delivering the project within a tight deadline placed significant pressure on both the workers and site manager. The project duration also included the Christmas break, which further complicated matters and slowed down progress.

Delivery of workstations: The delivery of workstations was delayed, posing a potential risk of project timeline disruption. Fortunately, they arrived just in time, but the team had to work quickly to set them up and ensure that the project could proceed without further delay.

Wall peeling issue: The team encountered a persistent problem with the wall peeling up, which proved challenging to fix. They had attempted to address the issue multiple times, but it continued to recur. One team member expressed frustration with the situation, noting that they would need to have it fixed again.

The Completed Fitouts

The spectacular completion of the spec fitouts at 200 Creek Street, Brisbane surpassed all expectations and left everyone involved in awe. With striking design elements and meticulously crafted features, both Level 7 and Level 8 were transformed into visually stunning and highly functional workspaces, making them immensely appealing to prospective tenants. The successful outcome garnered glowing praise from both clients and team members alike, who expressed their appreciation for the outstanding attention to detail and exceptional execution of the project.

If you are interested in leasing one of the offices, visit the listing and contact one of our agents here.

Level 7

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